Sunday, July 27, 2014


Alright, so I've started my journey to healthy (and happy) and I've already found it to be a difficult one. I have a very difficult time sticking to eating healthy foods, although I must admit writing blog posts is very motivational. I've found that if I pre-pack little snacks and just leave them in the fridge, I am more likely to grab those instead of something unhealthy. Also, I am currently doing a squat challenge - I'm on day 13 - along with crunches and russian twists, which give you that nice line down the center of your stomach. When you notice progress, it gives you more motivation to keep going and I haven't been on this journey for too long but some days are hard and some aren't as bad, but one thing I've learned, is that No matter how you're feeling, do your workout for the day, trust me. You won't regret working out and it fuels you for the rest of the day, making everything clearer and easier.

I've noticed that I'm much more on track and focused with tasks, and have a clearer head when working on projects, a much welcomed benefit. I feel better in general, even though I haven't been eating well lately.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The starting post


Since this is my first post, I should explain myself a little bit. I am (going to be) a Junior in high school and want to get fit, like really fit. I am tired of being tired, and comparing myself to others because I'm not happy with my body. I hate that my boyfriend can't pick me up whenever he wants and I can't sit on other people's laps without fearing that I am squashing them. It's time for a change, and I am finally ready to crack down and make that change. I know it's going to be hard, it's gonna be hell, but I can do it. I will be the girl other people look to for inspiration, and this is my journey. 

    My starting stats:
  •  I am 5' 10" 
  • I weigh about 150 lbs, granted much of my body is already muscle but I've stared to lose muscle from lack of exercise, 
  • I'm looking to weigh 140 or less, and slim down and tone up.